Coffee Shop

Offering a range of delicious breakfast, light bites and lunch menus. All cooked fresh to order from locally sourced produce and ingredients.

Speciality tea and beautifully ground coffee.

Indoor & Exterior Seating

Dogs & walkers welcome!

Breakfast Menu

Breakfasts include: 1 slice of Toast or Fried Bread (Except Benedict/Florentine)

Extra items are available


Combine Driver

2 Sausages, 2 Bacon, 1 Eggs, Mushrooms, Beans or Tomato

Baler Boy

1 Sausage, 1 Bacon, 1 Egg, Mushrooms, Beans or Tomato


Quorn Sausage, Hash Brown, 1 Egg,

Mushrooms, Beans or Tomato


Mega Breakfast

3 Sausages, 3 Bacon, 3 Eggs, Mushrooms, Beans or Tomato

Eggs Benedict

Poached eggs on toast with bacon & hollandaise sauce

Eggs Florentine

Poached eggs on toast with spinach & hollandaise sauce

Light Bites Menu

Soup of the Day

(please ask staff for available options)

Garlic Mushrooms on Toast

Kentish Cream Tea

Homemade scone with jam & cream


Cheesy Nachos

With homemade salsa & guacamole

Halloumi Salad - Roll/Sandwich

Served with side salad & crisps

Kentish Salt Beef Sandwich

Pickles & English mustard

Served with side salad & crisps

Sandwiches & Toasties

Served on white or brown farmhouse bread.

With or without a side salad and crisps.

Extra items available:

Red Onion, Lettuce, Tomato, Cucumber, Horseradish, Cranberry, Mustard, Mayonnaise.


Kentish Crisp






Tuna Mayo

Bacon Lettuce & Tomato

Bacon & Egg

Sausage & Egg

Tuna & Avocado

Tuna & Cucumber

Brie & Avocado

Brie & Chilli Jam

Cheddar & Onion Marmalade


Sausage & Onion Marmalade

Brie & Bacon

Lunch Menu

Ploughman's Sandwich

Roast ham & local cheeses, Ploughman's pickle & piccalilli, lettuce served with a side salad and crisps

Ploughman's Lunch

- Roast Ham & local cheeses

- Farmhouse Pate & local cheeses

- Roast Beef & local cheeses

- Quiche & local cheeses

All served with Our Ploughman's pickle & piccalilli, fresh side salad, pork pie, apple, carrot & pickled onions. Choose from fresh bread or a roll

Farmhouse Omelette

Served with two fillings of your choice from our menu & a fresh side salad


Farmhouse Pate

Local farmhouse pate served with red onion marmalade, toast & side salad

Avocado on Toast

1 slice of toast

- with a poached egg

- with a poached egg & grilled vine tomatoes


- Brie, Bacon & Avocado

- Pear, Walnut, Bacon & Blue Cheese

Hazelnut, Feta & Avocado

Jacket Potatoes

Served with fresh side salad

- Cheese

- Beans

- Tuna Mayonnaise

- Cheese, Bacon & Crème Fresh

- Avocado & Crème Fresh

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Somali Farm, Park Road, Birchington, Kent, CT7 0HA

Tel: 01843 831077

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